What we do

The Green Girls Organization trains ONLY women and girls EXCLUSIVELY because SDG 5 which focuses on gender equality is one of the main sustainable development goals that we advocate for. The training runs for a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 1 month depending on the energy needs of the community and the specific information provided by the MNKB92 model and the amount of funding available.

We do not train individuals (male or female) to go and train others and the minimum number of women and girls we will train is 50 irrespective of available funding at hand.

The Green Girls Organization organizes training sessions on how to assemble portable solar lanterns that are later on used for lighting at home and also sold through selling channels created by the organization. The sale of these assembled solar lanterns enable the women to become economically empowered and better take care of their families.

We carry out and design sensitization campaigns about what renewable energy is all about and the various kinds of renewable energy, climate action, environmental protection and organize tree planting exercises in a bid to restore and replace the trees that have been cut down for firewood.

Practical trainings about solar energy and benefits of this clean energy gotten from the sun are carried out with the women and girls being trained on how to install solar panels that will later on provide electricity to their homes. Solar panels installed provide ONLY electricity (lighting) and the skills these women and girls are equipped with, permit them to be able to care and properly maintain their solar panels.

The rural women take part in training exercises where they are shown how to package the slurry (organic fertilizer) obtained from the bio digesters as a bi-product. The packaged organic manure is later on sold through the selling channels created by us to agriculturalists and farmers in a bid to enhance soil fertility and give rise to organic crops. These crops too are sold through the selling channels created by the Green Girls Organization.

Practical trainings about biogas are also carried out with both women and girls being trained on how to construct bio digesters, maintain these bio digesters and collect the slurry (organic manure) and package which is later on sold and used for agricultural purposes. The gas which is later on produced thanks to the waste collected and deposited in the bio digester, produces clean cooking gas which is used by the women.

Being in partnership with private sector organisms that are responsible for the creation of SME’S (small and medium sized enterprises), the women and girls are trained on how to carry out their businesses, draw up business plans, run their accounts and scale up their businesses.

We advocate for 6 out of the 17 sustainable development goals. Capacity building exercises about the 17 sustainable development goals take place from the first day of training to the very last day of training with special focus on the 6 primary SDG’S that we advocate for. These SDG’S are: SDG1, SDG4, SDG5, SDG7, SDG11 and SDG13.