The Green Girls Organization is an African not-for-profit that is into a Pan-African infiltration of renewable energy which is carried out through the training of women and girls in African rural communities on how to generate energy from the sun and waste using a unique scoring model (MNKB92) and artificial intelligence.

The unique scoring model (MNKB92) which is an algorithm that the Green Girls Organization uses, enables the organization to aptly assess the community, women and girls that will benefit from the training.

Data collected with the help of AI (artificial intelligence) permits the Green Girls Organization to provide specific solutions in regards to providing the specific clean energy solutions pertaining to the community’s needs, develop appropriate training modules for the women and girls and coaching sessions integrated with capacity building activities and sensitization on the SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) with special focus on the SDG’s that the Green Girls Organization advocates for.

Our vision is to contribute decisively to the integration and effective inclusion of women and girls in African rural communities in the area of renewable energy. The Green Girls Organization is out to close the huge gender gap that exist in the domain of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) especially in the area of green technology.

Raise public and youth awareness in particular on the dangers of climate change and global warming in a bid to get them take active action in fighting global warming from their communities through a change of habits that are detrimental to climate protection.

We are a dynamic team of individuals on a mission....

to promote sustainable development in African rural communities by providing access to clean and affordable energy to rural women and girls.

The Green Girls Organization is on a mission to promote sustainable development in every African rural community through the infiltration of renewable energy. With African rural women and girls being the primary victims of the energy crisis that the world at large is facing, it is vital to make sure that these women have access to clean energy for their various needs.

Create a continental regional sustainable movement for climate action capable of getting African governments to develop gender policies that provide access to finance in order for these women to run clean energy businesses.

We carry out tree planting exercises to help restore those trees that were cut down for firewood before bio digesters were constructed that now provide clean cooking gas.